Room scale virtual reality is the secret

Vision Real Estate Marketing's proprietary VIRTUAL REALITY software manages the buyers experience before, during and after their visit to the showroom. 

has combined all of the latest state-of-the-art, immersive Virtual Reality technology to create real


Vision Real Estate Marketing has combined all of the latest state-of-the-art, immersive VIRTUAL REALITY TECHNOLOGY to create realistic VIRTUAL REALITY ENVIRONMENTS and give Buyers the ability to WALK THROUGH their future Home at a precise 1:1 ratio while seeing and feeling exactly how it will look and feel once it is built by the Developer.

We will give your clients the comfort and peace of mind they need while making such a large financial decision.



VIRTUAL REALITY is inevitable

This is inevitable, everyone will be purchasing pre-contruction real estate this way.

VIRTUAL REALITY creates a personal connection

VIRTUAL REALITY creates a personal connection with the environment that can make the clients believe they have actually visited, making it a much easier decision to purchase. 

VIRTUAL REALITY is less expensive than model suites

VIRTUAL REALITY models allow you to spend less money in your sales center on models. You are able to show prospective clients the entire suite instead of a vignet of the kitchen and bathroom.

VIRTUAL REALITY can be used at multiple locations

You can use the same VIRTUAL REALITY models at multiple locations, ie. different sales centres and/or decor centre, office, remote pop up locations, limit.

VIRTUAL REALITY creates comfort and confidence

VIRTUAL REALITY helps buyers feel more comfortable and confident with making a very important and expensive decision.

VIRTUAL REALITY sells more units faster.

VIRTUAL REALITY helps clients feel comfortable with the functionality of the smaller units or potentially upgrade to larger units earlier in the buying cycle.